Gold Doubloons

     As you may or may not know, in The Secret of Skeleton Island, the Three Investigators travel all the way from Rocky Beach California, where they live, to an island in Atlantic Bay, down on the southeast coast of the United States. The name of the island is Skeleton Island and it was once a pirate hang-out. A ghost is said to haunt it. Bones are still uncovered in its sands. Sometimes, when the sea is stormy, a gold doubloon washes up on its beaches...

     What follows here is our own version of pirate treasure, photographic representations, as Jupiter might say, of the first editions of all the Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators books Robert Arthur himself wrote, as well as pictures of a few French, German and Japanese editions.

     As time passes, we hope to make Gold Doubloons a comprehensive treasure chest of all the covers of all the editions of all the Three Investigators books ever published in any country in the world. A daunting task indeed! And one we could not possibly undertake without the help of deputy investigators scattered around the globe.

     So, if you have a photo file of Three Investigators covers, please consider sending it on to us for inclusion. Please send photos with full information about the edition on which the cover appears the country it was published in, etc. We will keep all contributions in our photo file, although -- depending on how many we get -- it seems unlikely we will ever be able to load all of them at once! Still, look back in six months to see whether or not your contribution has found its way into this secret cave inside The Hand.