Mysterious Treasure:

An Almost Complete Bibliography of all the Work of Robert Arthur, Jr., born Nov. 10, 1909 in Corregidor, The Philippines; died May 2, 1969, Philadelphia, PA.

     Why call this section Mysterious Treasure? Because it is our sincere hope that you will be startled and delighted to discover how much writing Robert Arthur did in his lifetime. We believe that what follows is an almost comprehensive list of everything Robert Arthur, Jr. ever wrote that appeared in printed form. Arthur also wrote a very large number of scripts for both radio and television, more than five hundred radio scripts for The Shadow, Nick Carter, The Mysterious Traveler, Dark Destiny, Just Five Lines, Molle Mystery Theater, Tin Man, Strange Dr. Weird, Suspense, Murder By Experts, Mystery Classics, Five Star Matinee, Mystery Times and others, and more than fifty television scripts for Silver Theater, The Clock, Dark Destiny, Lights Out, Suspense, The Unforeseen, True Story, Thriller, The Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

     We have tried to make both the preceding list of Arthur’s radio and television work and the lists that follow of his work that appeared in printed form as accurate as we possibly can, but if you find errors, we would very much appreciate being notified of them. As Jupiter says in The Secret of Terror Castle, modern investigation requires extensive research, and -- as he doesn’t say -- all the help the researchers can possibly get!



Robert Arthur at the time he worked in radio



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