A Surprising Visitor

     You! Please feel free to make an entry in our guest book. Imagine it as a big bound volume that was part of the material rescued by Titus Jones from an old office building torn down somewhere in Studio City. The boys have gotten it from Jupiter’s uncle in exchange for a little work around the Salvage Yard, and they have been intrigued to discover that while most of the pages are blank, there are three or four pages of entries in what appears to be code. From time to time -- when they are between cases -- they try to break the code, but it is proving to be devilishly difficult. In the meantime, the boys have decided to use the volume as a guest book. Bob Andrews, of course, is in charge of keeping it up to date, and it is he who reads and approves all entries as suitable for permanent inclusion in Three Investigators files. But he is not difficult to please, feeling that almost everyone has something to contribute to the ongoing investigation and search for truth.



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